Sunday, May 30, 2004

The final insult... hopefully

This simply seems to continue on and on. Here is yet another incident with the hearing aids. CLICK HERE if you are ready for literally an insult this time.

Hearing Aids again.......

Seems they just don't learn do they? Or is it simply a matter of they don't care or someone is making a buck of these people's backs.... You figure it out, CLICK HERE to read the continuing saga of the hearing aids.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Hearing Aids........ beware!!!

Does the person you know in the nursing home have hearing aids? Well, we all know how expensive it is to fix them. And we all know how they need to be cleaned daily (hopefully). Well.... I suggest you Click Here and hopefully save yourself some major grief.

New blog....

Here we go folks. I figured this would be easier for me to add to as things go along then to continually make pages on the net. As each surprise happens, I'll add it here. And there have been many. These are things everyone should watch out for. I may end up putting all these "little" surprises on pages later but for the time being, it's easier to blog them and only make pages when they are too long to blog but most certainly are of interest and need to be read. You will see the links to the articles written about if I had to make an individual page concerning it.